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Our Services for the Watershed Community 

Providing Education and Resources


Restore & Protect Creek Banks

The watershed group has completed 19 creek bank stabilization projects since 2007. By using multi-log vane deflectors, mud sills, toe logs, rock vanes, and rip rap we can control bank erosion. Planting of native plants and trees designed to create riparian buffers at these sites also contribute to the overall ability to control erosion. The structures that are designed to control erosion also create prime habitat for fish and other aquatic life.


Monitor Stream Water

A group of members visit 13 sites in the watershed monthly to record the
temperature, Ph, DO and conductivity of the water. Samples of water are also
secured for further testing at the lab for nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, turbidity &
alkalinity. This monitoring creates baseline data to monitor the health of the stream. The monitoring is conducted the 4th Wednesday of each month
excluding December, January, and February.



Encourage Creek Bank "No Mow" Zones

Not mowing or farming close to stream banks and allowing native plants andtrees to colonize creates a riparian buffer.  The roots of these plants stabilize thecreek banks and help to control erosion.  We will install signs at these areas torecognize cooperating land owners for their stewardship of the watershed.


Secure & Stock Trout for Fishing

Little Shamokin Creek is classified as a class “C” stream, meaning that there is no or very little natural reproduction of trout. We have partnered with Fiddlers Run Sportsman’s Association, a PA Fish and Boat Commission Cooperative Trout Nursery, to provide trout for the youth area and for our youth derby LSCWA members provide the vehicles to transport the trout, and the labor to stock the trout.


Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 3.47.41 PM.png

American Chestnut Tree Planting

In 2012 we planted 16 open pollinated American Chestnuts seeds. This was done to determine if our soils were suitable to grow these magnificent trees. This test proved to be better than expected. Since 2013 we purchased 18 potentially blight resistant seeds from The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) and planted them. They are growing very well.


Annual Creek Cleanups

The Sunbury Municipal Authority in conjunction with other community groups conducts an annual cleanup of the creek. All collected litter and refuse is taken to a land fill for proper disposal. The watershed group is a major contributor to the cleanup activities.

       April 13, 2024


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