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Our Mission

The Mission of the LSCWA is to promote stewardship that will conserve, protect, assess, enhance, utilize & restore the natural resources of the watershed. This stewardship will be created through a dedicated effort to educate, utilizing cooperation & communication.

What is a watershed?

Everyone lives in a watershed!

A watershed is a land area in which water drains into a body of water like a lake, river or stream. A watershed consists of both the water body & the land which drains into that body of water. This drainage basin collects all of the precipitation as it either runs off the land or percolates through the soil before reentering the stream.


Who We Are

The LSCWA was formed in 2002. We have been committed to the long term protection & enhancement of the Little Shamokin Creek Watershed for the social & economical benefits of it's land-owners, managers & users. We have held annual stream cleanups, conducted monthly water monitoring & completed several watershed assessments with the development of restoration plans. The association has also completed many bank stabilization projects for the community. Workshops concerning stream side management have also been on our schedule of activities. All monthly meetings are open to the public. View calendar for time, date, and location.

The association ( tax-exempt, non profit 501(c) (3)) is comprised of all volunteers for it's staffing.


Governing documents, policies, and financial statements will be provided by contacting Little Shamokin Creek Watershed Assoc. 441 Plum Creek Rd. Sunbury PA, 17801


We appreciate you visiting our web site & hopefully educated you in the role & function of a Watershed Association. If interested in being a volunteer, Please submit your information.



President:  Bob Herman
Vice President:  Bill Astorino
Secretary: Ted Carodiskey
Treasurer: Scott Hixson

Board Members

Bill Astorino, Susan Herman, Janice Hixson, Scott Hixson, Dale Kremser, Steve Marks, and Dan Ramer

Northumberland City Watershed Specialist Advisor
Brenna Schneider


Grants From Various Organizations &    
Donations - Individuals & Companies


Sunbury Municipal Authority

Want to become an active member?

Please email our organization:

We would love to have you aboard!

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